The Process

We don’t follow traditional IT processes to produce quality data visualizations and analytics solutions - because they no longer apply.

Instead, we employ a truly iterative fast-track methodology to design and develop solutions. This promotes creativity, reduces the impact of data limitations, and produces value quickly. We then build on top of that value to bring to sustainable continued success.

Common Problems Faced by Many Organizations

Most reporting and analytics organizations within medium and large corporations typically support internal business clients by focusing on traditional IT processes to deliver reporting and information solutions .

These organizations typically sit across from the client, gather business requirements, independently build a solution, and then wait for the change requests to come in. This process often repeats multiple times. Poorly integrated data infrastructure and reporting teams then experience painful interactions with internal project managers, and their final solutions arrive both late and over budget.

In addition, implementation is typically delayed due to:

  • Difficulty with translating top-down vision and goals into clear metrics, KPI’s and dashboard requirements
  • No consistency in processes and/or system transactions, which lead to bad data
  • An undefined or outdated reporting infrastructure

These, as with other similar issues, typically prevent or slow the implementation of most dashboard projects within the enterprise. 

Our Approach

We employ a method that prevents these issues from hindering your ability to produce great dashboards or analytics solutions. We employ a series of steps: 
reconnaissance > step-wise scope > structure > design > build > repeat > launch > learn > repeat again 
- to push forward and produce results, then build on top of those results.

We’ve simplified the steps we take with the use of clear processes and templates to ensure we hit the ground running.

When our methodology was presented at the conferences below, attendees expressed overwhelming excitement and unanimous agreement, and they wanted to employ our simple, yet effective, processes immediately.

Reporting & Analytics 2014 Interactive, Atlanta, GA (October 2014)  
Southern California Edison's Process and Methodology for Fast-Tracking Dashboard Development”